The 10 Spiciest Thai Foods

Are you up for a challenge and try the Spiciest Thai Food? If your answer is yes, grab your friends or family members and go to the nearest Thai restaurant and order the Spiciest Thai Food on their menu

Thailand is well-known for its aromatic and flavorful cuisine, which attracts foreigners to try the different Thai dishes, especially the wide variety of spicy food.

Let’s have a glimpse of the few Spiciest Thai Food so you will have an idea of what to order when you crave Thai cuisine.

Khao Pad Nam Phrik Narok

Nam Phrik Narok means “chili paste from hell,” which means that this dish is one of the Spiciest Thai Foods you can try. However, don’t be deceived by the name because it doesn’t really live up to its name. It’s not as super spicy as the other fiery Thai dishes unless you can’t stand hot food

Rice is usually the breathing space of some spicy dishes, but it isn’t when you decide to eat Khao Pad Nam Phrik Narok because the rice is also covered with hot chili paste. 

Tom Laeng

You’ll be amazed at how soft a bowl of Tom Laeng is when you start eating the dish. Because the pork is boiled for a long time, making the meat separate from the bone. Garnished with spring onions and a profuse amount of green chilies, the dish becomes one of the Spiciest and delicious Thai Foods you can enjoy while having a meal with your friends or officemates

Kuay Tiew Mu Tom Yum

Noodles are a staple food in Thailand, and though many people know about the famous Tom Yum Goong, Kuay Tiew Mu Tom Yum is not as renowned as the former dish. Combining Tom Yum (spicy soup) and Kuay Tiew (rice noodles) gives you an exquisite experience of the Spiciest Thai Food you will forever cherish

Pad Cha Talay

This dish is among the Spiciest Thai Foods worth trying, especially if your tastebuds want herby, savory, and spicy taste in one dish. Pad Cha means sizzling stir fry. The name is derived from the sizzling sound it makes when the food is cooked in a wok making the dish tasty.

Tom Klong Pla Grab

Who doesn’t want a warm, soothing, and spicy soup on cold days? A bowl of Tom Klong Pla Grab is a perfect way to warm yourself during winter. This refreshing dish can fool a newbie in Thai cuisine, thinking that it’s not a spicy dish, thanks to its transparent brown color. Make sure to taste a little before indulging yourself, or you might end up with a red face after eating one of the Spiciest Thai Foods. 

Pad Ped Pla Duk

Pad Ped Pla Duk (a fiery and crunchy fish) is the primary example of stir-fried seafood and is considered the Spiciest Thai Food making the Land of Smiles famous.

The aromatic smell and taste of this dish due to the kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil will make you salivate and want to devour the food upon serving on your table. 

Gaeng Kua Kling

Have you tried eating dry curry (no soup)? Order Gaeng Kua Kling is a classic dish from Southern Thailand consisting of minced pork, curry paste made of chilies, and other spices. Before eating this dish, make sure to prepare water or any drink that serves as a respite when you start munching your food.

Gaeng Tai Pla

Do you love eating curry dishes? Include this dish on your must-try list

Gaeng Tai Pla ranks the Spiciest Thai Food in the list of the super hot Thai dishes. Another challenging part of eating this dish is the main ingredients in preparing the food, which is the fish guts. If you don’t mind (or like eating) the fish entrails, you’ll surely enjoy your meal. But, if you are not a fan of the guts, just forget about it and concentrate on the dish’s flavor.

Gaeng Som

Another spicy soup you can order which will energize you before continuing your activities for the day is Gaeng Som. Also known as Gaeng Leung, this dish from the Southern part of Thailand will definitely get your attention just by smelling the spicy flavor

After reading all the mouth-watering and the Spiciest Thai Food, are you enticed to try the different dishes? Yes?! Don’t hold back and enjoy the fiery hot but flavorful Thai food in the nearest restaurant in your area

Remember to fill your tummy with something before eating the Spiciest Thai Food to avoid stomachache or discomfort

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article about The 10 Spiciest Thai Food. Stay posted on our next write-up!

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