Extra Noodle $4.45
Extra Meat $3.75
Extra Filet $4
Extra Vegetable $3.75
Extra Meat ball $4.45
Extra Shrimp $4
Extra Rare Steak $4.45

PHỞ $12.95

Served with bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, red onion,green onion, lime, and jalapeno.
P01. Beef Noodle Soup $12.95
Create your own. A. Rare Steak, B. Well Done Brisket,C. Beef Ball, D. Tripe, E. Tendon, F. Shrimp add $3 ).

P02. Chicken Noodle Soup
(Chicken Breast)

P03. Chicken Noodle Soup $12.95
(Chicken thigh)

P04. Chicken Noodle Soup $12.95
(Chicken breast & thigh)

P05. Chicken Noodle soup


P06. Chicken Noodle Soup $14.95
(Shrimp add $3)

P07. Chicken Noodle Soup w/glass noodles $12.95

Baby Bowl…… $5


1.Bún Thịt Nướng $12.95
Rice Vermicelli w/Grilled Pork
2. Bún Chả Giò $12.95
Rice Vermicelli w/Egg Rolls in Sauce
3. Bún Chả Giò Thịt Nướng $12.95
Rice Vermicelli w/Egg Rolls & Grilled Pork

** Risk Associated with consuming raw or undercooked meats.**