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3 reasons that make Thai food special

All food is special, that is a truth. So, what makes it really special? It depends from one cuisine to another. Some dishes are unique because of the manner of preparation or who prepares it. Others cuisine are because of the ingredients used. Accordingly, knowing and understanding can make a difference in how we see a certain dish. Wouldn’t it be nice to make eating an art of appreciation too?

For today, let’s take a look at three reasons that make Thai food special.

1. Thai food uses only the freshest ingredients. Thailand is one of the countries that is abundant with herb and vegetable resources. And, people from Thailand took advantage of that by incorporating it to their dishes. Common herbs and vegetables being used in the dishes are cilantro, bean sprout, lettuce, galangal, basil, spices and mint. Those ingredients bring out the zest of the dish that MSG is not commonly used. The essence is distinct and memorable because most of the time unprocessed ingredients are used.

2. Replicating a Thai dish is not a walk in the park. Have you tried making Pad Thai from scratch? The cooking part is easy but sourcing all the other authentic ingredient is not. Sure, one can actually improvise but it is not the same. How about making fresh spring rolls? I bet one will appreciate the Chef of the restaurant if you have tried making one. The fact that it can’t be easily replicated by anyone makes it one of a kind. The thing is why will you want to go through the hassle of cooking if there is a restaurant that caters authentic food at an affordable price?

3. Lastly, it depicts culture. There are national dishes whose recipe is really from another country because they lost their cause of war or recipes that are already combined with others because they have been conquered in the past. Thai cuisine is neither of that. They were never conquered nor lost the recipe that their elders used. It might have been improved or changed but not because of war but because of time. That is truly one of the many reasons why this cuisine is special.

The dishes are one of the cuisines that are true to its original recipe, even from the years ago. Those are only three out of the many reasons why Thai dish is special. The next time you crave for soup, noodles or even milk tea, try genuine Thai food of Yummy Thai! You will be treated with the best dining experience because they use only the freshest ingredients to cater to their customers. Also, the dishes are authentic, freshly prepared and cooked by none other than real Thai chefs, who are also the owners.

All cuisine holds its unique charm, a reflection of culture, tradition, and innovation. Thai food, with its rich palette of flavors and aromas, stands out as a beacon of culinary excellence, marked by three distinct characteristics that elevate it above the ordinary.

Firstly, the heart of Thai cuisine lies in its unwavering commitment to fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Thailand’s lush landscapes offer an abundant supply of herbs, vegetables, and spices, which form the cornerstone of its dishes. Ingredients such as cilantro, bean sprouts, lettuce, galangal, basil, and mint are not just add-ons but essential elements that infuse Thai dishes with their vibrant, zesty flavors. This reliance on fresh produce means that the use of artificial enhancers like MSG is minimal or non-existent, allowing the natural, robust flavors to shine through. Each bite tells a story of the land’s generosity and the culinary tradition’s dedication to preserving the essence of each component.

Secondly, the complexity and authenticity of Thai recipes set them apart. Reproducing dishes such as Pad Thai or fresh spring rolls in their authentic form challenges even the most seasoned chefs, highlighting the cuisine’s unique blend of flavors and techniques. The difficulty in sourcing authentic ingredients outside Thailand adds to this complexity, making each genuine Thai meal a treasure. This intricacy does not just showcase the culinary skills required but also emphasizes the cuisine’s uniqueness, making dining at a Thai restaurant not just a meal but an experience.

Lastly, Thai cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of history and culture, untainted by conquest or foreign domination. Unlike many national dishes that have evolved or merged due to historical conflicts, Thai food has remained true to its roots. This authenticity is a rare gem in the culinary world, offering a taste of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and resilience. The evolution of Thai recipes over time reflects not the scars of conquest but the natural progression of a culture that values its culinary legacy.

In essence, Thai food is more than just a meal; it’s an art form that celebrates freshness, complexity, and cultural integrity. Next time you find yourself craving something exotic, consider the deep flavors and rich history embedded in every Thai dish. Whether it’s the tangy zest of a soup, the intricate balance of flavors in noodles, or the refreshing taste of authentic Thai milk tea, remember that you’re not just satisfying a craving but engaging in a centuries-old tradition of culinary excellence.

Go ahead and give in to your cravings!

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