Things You're Doing Wrong Eating Thai Food

Things You’re Doing Wrong Eating Thai Food

Eating Thai Food in the United States is becoming popular and liked by many citizens, especially for exploring Asian Cuisine. Why? It’s because of the aroma, flavorful taste, and the health benefits you can get from Eating Thai Food.

When you are about to try Eating Thai Food, there are a few things you need to know and remember before indulging in various kinds of dishes. There are some misconceptions typically for first-timers about Thai Cuisine. Because most foods contain different spices, many people think that most of the food served is spicy and hot.

Here are some tips for you to remember when trying Thailand cuisine.

Anticipating All Dishes Are Fiery

Many people think of “spicy” when they hear about “Eating Thai Food,” which makes them expect that burning flavor when they order their food.  Not all Thai dishes are spicy. The spiciness has regional variations. Most of their servings don’t have heat, like Kao Mun Gai (chicken and rice, Kauai-tiao Nam (clear pork-based broth), Moo Grob, Phoo Pad Phong Karee – Crab In Curry Powder, Pla Ka-Pong Tod Mam Pla – Fried Sea Bass with Sweet Fish Sauce and many more. 

Spoon and Fork Vs. Chopsticks

Thais use spoon and fork to consume their food every meal. There are times that they use their hands to eat too. In most Asian countries, people use their right hand instead of the left. They believe that the left hand is “dirty” to hold the food. 

Use chopsticks when eating noodles, but for most food, you can freely use a spoon and fork. Serving spoons in every dish plate are provided. Never use your spoon in getting food from other serving plates and bowls.

There is a reason why there are chopsticks in some Thai restaurants. It is because most Westerners think that Asians use chopsticks when devouring their pla du jour. Another misconception to eliminate from our minds when Eating Thai Food.

Eating Thai Food: Same Dishes in Different Restaurants

Don’t stick to your favorite menu only when you go restaurant hopping. Venture on different dishes a restaurant can offer, and it will amaze you to know that there are many delicious dishes they offer. Central Thailand offers stir-fried food, the coastal south’s main ingredients are seafood, while fermented and pickled foods are well-known in the north and northeast of Thailand. 

Family Style Meal

Though you can have a single order when dining alone, it’s common for people from the Land of Smiles to have a family-style meal when eating together. It’s good to share the food with your friends or colleagues when having a feast so you can try all the dishes and eat a well-balanced meal. You will notice that each bowl of the food has a serving spoon that you can use to get your share. Using the spoon that you put in your mouth is not very pleasant for the Thai people.

Believing Thai Food Is Hard to Prepare at Home

Making Thai food from scratch is a bit challenging to prepare because of the various spices and the flavorful other ingredients you have to provide to create that yummy and authentic Thai dish. Each dish’s complexity is just in the mind of someone who doesn’t have any idea or experience about Thai cuisine. As long as you have some of the necessary ingredients in your fridge, then you are ready to produce a palatable dinner on your table.

Table Etiquette in Eating Thai Food

Mind your table manners when eating at a Thai restaurant. It would be better to observe the customs and traditions while waiting for your orders to come. Always remember that your culture is different from others. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Don’t Forget These Table Manners When Eating Thai Food:

  • Savor each bite when  Eating Thai Food. Thai dishes should be eaten slowly, not in a hurry. Talk and laugh with your companions while eating and have a great time feasting.
  • Don’t slurp when you have your soup. 
  • If you are invited to dine with the locals at home, politely decline when they serve the food that you are allergic to, out of your diet list, or simply because you don’t like the dish. Your host would appreciate it more than leaving your plate untouched.
  • Blowing your nose loudly is a big NO-NO. Gently wipe your nose when you need it immensely when you are enjoying your favorite spicy food. 
  • If you need to remove the small crumbs between your teeth after eating Thai Food, use a toothpick and cover your mouth while reaching them out. 

To sum it up, I hope that this simple essay about Eating Thai Food serves as an opener and helps you understand more about the different Thai dishes. 

A million thanks for reading this short essay about Things You’re Doing Wrong Eating Thai Food. Our goal is for you to have the proper way of Eating Thai Food.

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