7 Popular Thai Dinner Dishes

7 Popular Thai Dinner Dishes

After a long and tiring day of work, it would be nice to go home and fill your hungry tummy with delicious home-cooked food for dinner before hitting the hay. 

If you have cravings for Thai Dinner Dishes, but you don’t have any idea which is the best to eat, I will show you some of the locals’ Thai Dinner Dishes favorites. 

Note that northeastern Thai cuisine contains some extreme ingredients that you should avoid as a foreigner, especially if you want to eat a dish from a widely used cuisine. The best kind of Thai food is consistently spiced, but best to start with mild. You can prepare authentic Thai restaurant favorites in your own kitchen or look for a guide in an international grocery store.

Steamed Fish with Lime and Garlic

This Thai steamed fish dish is a superb selection among the Thai Dinner Dishes you can enjoy before calling it a night. Your palate would be dancing in joy with the food’s garlicky, spicy, and sour taste. To make this serving friendly to the tongue, you’ll need lemongrass, chicken or fish stock, lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, Chinese celery, palm sugar, and the fish (scaled and cleaned).

Thai Dinner Dish: Gai Tod (Fried Chicken)

If you opt for fried chicken for dinner, Gai Tod would be a great choice to satisfy your famished stomach. The delicious Thai Dinner Dish comprises pieces of chicken wings or drumstick, garlic, pepper, coriander seed, cilantro, oyster sauce, and fish sauce. 

Gai Tod is well-loved by the locals and foreigners as a snack or the main course. Before it is deep-fried, the chicken wings or drumsticks are marinated in a mixture of spices and rice flour, making the chicken juicy and extra crunchy. 

Red Curry Mussels

Are you into shellfish? You’ll enjoy this Thai Dinner Dish and have a happy smile before going to bed. 

Mussels are an excellent appetizer or can be your main course if you like. The preparation of this food is challenging because you need to clean the shellfish one by one. But, you’ll forget the tiring preparation when you start eating your meal. 

Pad Phuk Tong (Stir-fried Pumpkin)

Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, which maintains good eyesight, so try to eat pumpkin to have good vision. 

Pad Phuk Tong is a Thai Dinner Dish for vegetarians that composes pumpkin, fish sauce, garlic, peppercorns, cooking oil, sugar, and water. 

Long Bean Cucumber and Tomato Salad

When someone is on a diet, he/she usually eats vegetable salad as a meal. Are you also on a diet? Or you love devouring vegetable salad? Long bean, cucumber, and tomato salad entice your palate once you taste it. The locals like preparing their food with fresh ingredients, either from their own garden or buying them fresh from the market. Since the veggies are fresh, the dish is flavorful and to make it more delicious depends on the dressing that they mix with the vegetables and fruits.

Southern Thai-style Fried Giant Prawns

This Thai Dinner Dish composes garlic, turmeric (peeled), lemongrass, salt and other seasonings, and giant prawns. Another Thai Dinner Dish a seafood lover would enjoy, especially when paired with coconut rice. 

Pad Prik King: Thai Dinner Dish

Vegetarians would love Pad Prik King on its wonderful smell and not so spicy flavor. It is a type of dry curry dish with red curry paste in it. If you prefer a not so fiery Thai Dinner vegetable dish, this one would be an excellent choice. 

This Thai Dinner Dish comprises peeled galangal, kaffir lime leaves, chopped shallots, lemongrass, tofu, cilantro, green beans, fish sauce, and sugar. A bowl of jasmine rice will be a great pair for this dish if you don’t want to eat it solo. 

If you are working in Thailand, you’ll get many chances to try many flavorful Thai cuisines, from fine dining restaurants to vendors’ humble stalls on the street. These delicious Thai foods are easy to eat, and you can also try to make it at home to discover your talent in cooking Asian food.

On the flip side, if you are just visiting the country, don’t settle on the hotel’s food if you want to taste the authentic Thai dishes. Go out on the street and buy your meal on the pushcarts; it’s the perfect place where you can eat the country’s savory food.

Once again, thanks for reading 7 Popular Thai Dinner Dishes. I hope that now you have decided which of these Thai Dinner Dishes you will eat afterward. 

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