The Most Delicious Thai Seafood Dishes You Need to Try in Yummy Thai Irving


Home to thousands of miles of coastline, it is no wonder that Thailand has so many dishes with seafood acting as the main ingredient. Here are the most delicious seafood dishes you need to try in Yummy Thai Irving


Thai fried noodles with prawns and egg – pad Thai

This recipe is one of the most memorable dishes in Thailand, and it is also the national dish. Palm sugar makes it sweet; added tamarind adds a bit of sourness, and the country’s famous Thai chili gives it a spicy kick. Pad Thai is seemingly not complete without added prawns, though it can be made vegetarian. Lastly, an egg is added, which gives the staple dish both texture and flavor. Visitors will find people making pad Thai in woks around the country, and many locals can prepare the dish in minutes.


Hot and sour prawn soup – tom yum goong

Tom yum goong is one of the most famous dishes in all of Thailand, and many of its neighboring countries even serve it. The soup, more popularly known in its Thai version than in English, is most commonly made with shrimp and is spicy because of the added Thai chilies. Kaffir leaves are one of the most important ingredients, making it a difficult dish to master for those outside of Thailand, as it is a seemingly tough ingredient to find in other countries.


Red curry with pineapple and prawns – gaeng hua sapparot kap goong

Thai-style red curry is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Originating from central Thailand, red curry with pineapple and prawns is milder than other red curries because of the added pieces of sliced pineapple. This dish also features coconut milk, which adds both sweetness and texture to the delectable recipe. It is best made with a type of seafood, though locals seem to prefer prawns.


Deep-fried prawn patties – thawt man goong

Though not the healthiest of dishes, deep-fried prawn patties are certainly one of the most delicious of Thai meals. It is versatile in that it can be an appetizer or a main course. The main ingredients needed to make these deep-fried patties are prawns, red curry paste, some type of vegetable, and an assortment of herbs. Usually, a cucumber sauce that is both sour and sweet accompanies the dish, with sweet chili sauce being another option.