First Timer’s Guide on ordering food at Yummy Thai

Food is definitely one representation of a country or continent. Nowadays, people who want to taste a certain country’s famous delicacies need not spend for expensive plane tickets. How? Thank heaven for places in our neighborhood that brings and share authentic dishes from half way across the world. One of those is the Yummy Thai, an Authentic Thai restaurant that uses only the finest ingredients to stay true to its Thai flavor. The restaurant is owned and operated by Thai owners. Question is, why aren’t you paying a visit yet? Okay! You may want to check this place out, but as a first timer to Thai food, you are hesitant. You don’t know what to order. You might have heard of Pad Thai and curry, right? But the truth is, there are many other dishes worth trying. Just to give a background, Thai dishes are bursting with flavors. Many ingredients like cilantro, galangal, coconut milk and other spices are being used and that makes it legit. Don’t be afraid to test your palate, you’ll be surprise on how good it is! BUT, on the other hand, for first time diners, if you want to keep it steady and you want to try something new yet still familiar, there are many dishes from the menu that you can choose from.

Here’s your first timer’s guide on what to order when you dine at Yummy Thai.

For starters, you may choose from any spring rolls, like Fresh spring roll or veggie spring roll. Usually, those are filled with vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, bean sprout, tofu, carrot, etc. It goes well with dip like peanut or tamarind sauce. Do you feel like you want something Thai but still a bit of ‘Murica? Then, “Fried tofu served with peanuts, sweet and sour sauce” is for you.

Take a taste of legit Thai cuisine by ordering curry dishes for your main course. It usually has coconut milk that makes it so flavorful. You can also select among Tofu, Vegetable, Chicken, Pork, Beef or Seafood for the inclusions. On the other hand, if you find this a bit too much for your palate, there are sweet and sour dishes that equally capture the taste of Thailand.

Your experience won’t be complete without noodles and soup. Yes, noodles and soup are staple in Thai dishes. Besides Pad Thai and Tom Yum, there are other dishes to choose from like Bamee BBQ Pork Noodle, Seafood Noodle or Veggie Noodle Tofu Mushroom soup.

Lastly, for the happy ending, the dessert. Don’t leave without ordering Sticky rice with mango. It is the famous dessert that Thailand is known for. Good thing at Yummy Thai, they have a lot of variety to suit your taste.

We hope this helps you choose the dish to order when you visit this restaurant for the first time. Whether you want to have that authentic food or something familiar for your initial dining experience – Yummy Thai something for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be more inclined to try the other dishes in the menu on your next visit!

Yummy Thai brings you a piece of Thailand, of Asia right in your neighborhood. Try it now!