Bangkok street foods aren’t for those who have weak stomachs – everywhere you look is filled with food! What’s more; these foods are affordable. Some foods are not just affordable; they are also cheap and quick. It’s like a fast food, but the food is fresh and healthy. Some say about 200 Baht, you can’t eat more.


The city, being the street food capital of the world, Bangkok has plenty to offer, with abundant options of new and classic dishes that will make you crave. Some travelers, who have been there, have their own best stall that offered them the best of the place. Most of them say that their personal favorite stall has been closed down.


Either you can go back for seconds, or you can’t easily find the stall again when you return. You can eat on other stalls by the way; Bangkok streets still prove that Thai foods will never cease to prove you its reputation. This makes the Bangkok streets makes you hungry every time you go out. You know, Thai dishes have aromas that tease your hunger.


Popular foods include Pad Thai, curry foods and variations of seafood dishes. Walking around you can find all kinds of Thai food, from Satay, pad Thai, barbecue spears with peanut butter, chicken in different variations, fried rice, noodles and different soups, crispy duck and curries of all kinds. Barbecued seafood is seriously popular here, as is flat noodles in pepper broth, dim sun and all sort of fruit desserts.


There are areas in Bangkok streets that have their own expertise of menus. There is a “Chinatown”, a “place for roasted ducks”, and even a “master of desserts”. While you can find food here all day, it comes alive in the evening when people come out to eat.


Although there is an area that is alive at daytime, which includes more than eight food and drink samples. In between the food stops, it also explores several historic temples hidden inside this neighborhood.


Another great way to explore Bangkok’s street food is to take a food tour. By going on a food tour with an expert English-speaking guide, you will get to sample a lot of food you might otherwise have missed. It is also an excellent way to learn more about Bangkok’s culture and food. Make sure to sample small portions, and do not fill up all in one place. A good strategy is usually just to try what looks and perhaps most importantly smells best to you.

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