4 reasons to try Irving Yummy Thai Restaurant

Trying a new restaurant can sometimes give us anxiety. Is it worth trying? What do they offer that can satisfy my cravings? Are the dishes authentic, as they claim it to be? We have so many questions that need answers. Yet, we will never really know until we, uhm, try. Fret no more, listed below are the top five reasons why you should take that leap, step the foot on the door and dine at Irvings Yummy Thai restaurant.

There are many food choices to choose from and, it is for everyone. Thai dishes have many cuisine dishes to choose from including starters, salad, soup, main course and of course, dessert. Try famous dishes like fried rice, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, spring rolls that will surely make everyone happy. Why? Because when ordering, one has the liberty to choose spiciness level to his/her preference and its meat or veggie inclusions.

Irvings Yummy Thai restaurant offers authentic Thai food at an affordable price. Price ranges from $2.95 to $35. How affordable is that? Experience Thai food without spending a thousand bucks to fly to Asia? Take advantage of it! Also, they have a lunch special for less than $10 that includes with soup of the day, appetizer and main entree. This deal is for Monday- Friday: 11 am-3: 00 pm only.

An authentic place to get Thai food. What can be more authentic than having Thai owners? Kidding! Truth is there are many restaurants that claim authenticity. But, how can one really know? One of the indications is if it does not adjust its flavor to cater local’s taste bud. There is actually nothing wrong with that because some restaurants do that. But, that makes this restaurant a gem. To keep its authentic zest, this restaurant uses herbs imported from Thailand and uses techniques to bring out the flavors of a real Thai dish.

Lastly, trying something new will cleanse your palate. Are you getting tired of eating fast food? Don’t feel like eating pasta or fried chicken? Does the usual bore you already? Then, try something new like Irvings Yummy Thai restaurant. The flavor of the herbs and freshly-cooked dishes that is far from the ordinary will surely rinse your taste buds. This will you a different appreciation of what you used to eat and new nourishment that you would want to try.

Those are enough reasons to give this restaurant a visit. Go and see for yourself!