4 Amazing Things You Must Know About Thai Cuisine (1)

4 Amazing Things You Must Know About Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine is among the attractions in the Land of Smiles, besides its rich culture and the attractive tourist destinations in the country. So, why are many people from around the globe engrossed with Thai Cuisine? This article about A Guide to Thai Cuisine 2021 will talk about everything you need to know before spoiling yourself to the various Thai dishes every Thai restaurant offers. 

The Key to Thai Cuisine

What makes Thai Cuisine unique and attractive to many foreigners? The secret is the essential flavors of the dishes such as:

  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Spicy
  • Salty
  • Bitter

These five flavors give each dish the aromatic and delicious taste, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience to individuals (especially for first-timers) when they grab a bite of the Thai Cuisine. 

Delicacies in Every Region

The Land of Smiles is divided into 4 different regions mainly: 

  • Northern Thailand
  • Northeastern Thailand
  • Central Thailand
  • Southern Thailand

And each region has its delicacy and its way of preparing the dishes. 

What’s more, the neighboring countries of each region have culinary influences, but of course, it has its unique way of handling its cuisine. 

Let’s walk through the different region’s specialties so you will have a point of view of the kind of Thai Cuisine each place is proud of. 

Northern Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine is famous for its spicy (besides salty, sour, sweet, and bitter) flavor. However, if you opt for not so fiery food, the Northern Thai Cuisine is for you. The dishes in the North are inspired by its neighbors like China, Burma, and Northern Laos. 

Northeastern or Isan Food

The cuisine in the Northeastern region is influenced by the Southern part of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. For a couple of years, Isan cuisine has flourished in the United States, and many Westerners love devouring the various dishes. 

Central Thai Cuisine

Since it is in the center of the country, the region is where the royal family lived, so most of the dishes here are prepared more delicately. Thai Cuisine in Central Thailand is the combination of all the regions in the Kingdom. It is also where the grains are grown and planted. You can find coconut milk in most of the dishes they serve in the region. 

Southern Food

Southern Thai Cuisine is the opposite of the North. Most of the dishes in this region are spicy and fiery because the locals love eating hot food. Inspired by the Indian and Indonesian culinary, Southern dishes are famous for their curries. And since the region is near the coast, seafood is abundant. 

Royal Cuisine

Let’s not forget the Royal Thai Cuisine, which is greatly influenced by Central Thailand culinary. The Royal Cuisine is from the Ayutthaya Kingdom from 1351-1767 CE.


Bangkok has its delicacy too, and since it is the country’s capital city, it has many influencers to its cuisine. And for the past years, countries from Asia, Europe, and Western have contributed to Bangkok’s Thai Cuisine. 

Famous Dishes in Each Region

So we already discuss the different delicacies in each region, including Bangkok and the Royal Cuisine. The next is the list of the famous dishes each area is known about. 

In the Northern part of the country, their well-known food includes: 

  • Laab Dib
  • Gaeng Hung Lay
  • Gaeng Ho
  • Nam Prik Noom Kab Moo
  • Krabong

 Southern Thailand has:

  • Khao yam
  • Gaeng sataw
  • Tom som pla krabok
  • Gaeng Som Pla
  • Kua Kling

Here are the popular Northeastern foods.

  • Jaew
  • Om
  • Moo Yor
  • Laab
  • Sai Grok Isaan

The Central part’s dishes are:

  • Khao Pad
  • Som Tum
  • Pad Kra Pow Gai
  • Pad Thai
  • Tom Yum Soup

Bangkok is known for its following dishes.

  • Tom Yum Goong
  • Khao Soi
  • Pad See Eiu
  • Kaeng Mus Sa Mun
  • Kao Niew Mamuang

Some examples of the Thai Royal Cuisine are the following.

  • Ruen Mallika’s Khao Chae Chao Wang
  • Ruen Mallika’s Chan Chue Budsaba
  • Sang Wa Koong Pla Dook Fu
  • Mee krob
  • Ruen Mallika’s Royal Platter

Thai Dining Ettiquete

It is also vital to learn about the dining etiquette of Thailand besides their cuisine and knowing about the different table manners will help you know how to dine with your friends or colleagues from the country. 

  • When ordering at a restaurant, let the most senior get the food for everybody. 
  • Thais love to devour their food, so they eat slowly and enjoy every bite.
  • Eat everything you have on your plate because food is essential.
  • Use the spoon to scoop the broth and enjoy it without slurping because it’s a no-no in Thai culture.

The bottom line is to be observant before ordering from the menu or dining with the locals to not be out of place. 

Thank you for reading about A Guide to Thai Cuisine 2021. Have a great day!

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